Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pico on Iamblichus: Five Quotes

Heptaplus 143-144
Let us learn from this also what actions we need to be united to better natures, on which depends the whole and highest strength of our felicity. The first day teaches us that, after driving away the night, the light first arose over the waters when the Spirit of the Lord brooded over them. This foreshadows the statement from James that every perfect gift comes from above, from the father of lights. (James 1:17) Not to mention the Christians, Jamblichus confirms this view when he asserts that human nature can promise itself little or nothing unless aided by a greater power, a divine one.

On Being and the One Ch6 54
Iamblichus… calls prime matter duality. This is because duality is the first multitude and is the root of other multitudes. Prime matter… is not only not one but is a multitude, and is the root of all multitude that is in things… Further, prime matter is neither altogether without unity nor without being. Prime matter receives its precise unity from the same form from which it receives being.

23.4. The elements are found in the eight heavenly bodies in two celestial
modes, which anyone will find if he proceeds in reverse order through that
numeration of Binah

23.7. There is no force in the celestial stars that in itself is evil.

23.9. When Plato says that the soul is placed in the middle of the world, this
should be understood of the unparticipated soul, which he says is placed in the
middle, because fireed firom every relation and particular location, it equally
approaches all things.

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