Saturday, January 29, 2011

outline of Pico's Iamblichus bit

Pico's Iamblichus
1. In Oration "occult philosophy" doesn't mean what it meant after Agrippa
2. in Oration authority on Pythagoras, golden chain of philosophy
3. Conclusions - Plato's unparticipated soul placed in the middle of the world. Iamblichean innovation on theology - unparticipated One explaining individuality of things - applied to thinking about cosmic soul
4. Conclusions - numeration of Binah -- neoplatonic number theory linked to Kabbalah, theology of number (philosophical topic) as well as practical magic/theurgy of number
5. Conclusions - "no force in celestial stars is evil" recalls Dionysius' debt to Proclus on evil.
6. Heptaplus - Iamblichus linked to bible quote and Christian spirituality, notion of needing a higher power (Iamblichus on gods/superior beings becomes Dionysian angels)
7. De Ente - Pico finds Dionysian/Thomistic approach better resolution of Aristotle/Plato problem than Iamblichus on prime matter.
8. Pico sees Pico as a pious metaphysician and mystical theologian, not an idolatrous sorceror or occultist.
9. Pico ignores Iamblichus on theurgy, focuses on philosophical side, "divine Jam" as pioneer of late Neoplatonic theology and angelology principles

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